Our Story

mDRG was founded 3 years ago in Los Angeles during the multimedia switch from laptops to smartphones & tablets. We are the culmination of over 20 years of collective data-driven digital marketing. Once upon a time, we were a group of geeky Performance Marketers. We’ve since evolved into a specialist Agency of Marketing Technologists who work smart, play hard, and are crazy nuts about all things digital.

We are Data Driven Marketing Machines – People who synthesize massive amounts of marketing data and use it to create and optimize digital experiences.

Why this evolution? The switch from traditional to digital marketing and now mobile marketing has changed everything. If you’re like most marketers we talk to, you’re inundated with more measurements and information than ever, but have a harder time making sense of it all.

You’re asked to do more with less. You’re losing brand control, and seeing increased media, channel, and customer fragmentation. Old school marketing plans are obsolete although they’re still being reviewed.

This is where we step in. We don’t believe in powerpointing you to death with grandiose plans that look good on paper. Instead we take a highly interactive and agile approach to capitalize on our dynamic media and technology ecosystems and uncover the right metric for success, discover the eye-popping insight, and produce game-changing results.