Celebrity Brand Building| Building Viewership Through Community


A very well-known online & TV Personality was lacking in personal brand ownership online. mDRG was brought on to create from scratch a vibrant and active community, along with building and owning the Influencer’s personal brand online. In addition, mDRG was charged with creating a short, medium and long-term plan to foster long-term engagement between the Personality and their neglected and dwindling social media communities. Main goals were to create content and build the Client’s personal brand online; get the community used to the Personality talking back to them, rather than just a one-sided message to the fans news-feed style; along with creating the Personality’s story rather than letting someone else tell their story online (own the first page of Google results). 


mDRG built social engagement scenarios based on digital Tribal Marketing research, redesigned and developed the Client’s brand online, and started to engage the fans in a way that had never been done before.  Our team deployed a phased paid media promotion to bolster earned media activity with limited spend. In addition we provided Strategic Roadmaps, Best Practices, an Authentic Voice, and Hands-on Community Management across multiple social media platforms – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the Client’s own website.  Overall earning more than 8.3 million fan engagements in just under 4 months, and driving 45% new traffic to the Client’s personal online destination. 


The Client’s new and improved social properties earned more than 240,000 fans, 8.3 million engagements, and an average engagement per post of 95% on Facebook & Twitter alone. In addition, our Client now owns their presence online and the entire first page of Google results where they control their own stories rather than allowing others tell it. 

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