Tribal Content Marketing | Awareness & Trust Via Targeted Messages


Our client, a daily deals e-commerce site, experienced three main problems: – Low brand awareness – Necessity to do more with less – Develop and nurture trust amongst newly registered users so that they end up purchasing. The marketing team needed a way to tightly focus their messaging to their customer tribes (Tribal Marketing) to set themselves apart from the competition. mDRG crafted a content experience that spoke to the individual needs of each tribe of customer and the benefits of being a customer to the brand, rather than just cheaper prices on similar products. Their main metric of success was clearly defined.


Building on the new notion of Tribal Marketing as every tribe of consumer they were targeting perceived things and each other differently, mDRG poled members of these tribes and internal stakeholders. mDRG performed a deep audit into existing data collected by the companies data services via the limited Paid Media, Natural Search Traffic, Social Media efforts and the data from the customers that had already purchased from the company. With the output of the audit and segmentation work, mDRG was able to create an experience brief that clearly defined the campaign goals, giving the brand a framework for moving forward and higher conversion.

the work

mDRG developed a Social Promotion Platform for the client so that the company could run tribal social promotions across all marketing channels in one cohesive brand voice. Through each promotion the potential customers, drawn in by the chance of winning items, would only be understood and desired by that tribe alone. With this light-weight CMS the client was able to switch out content, creative and items quickly to keep their content and promotions fresh for every new month.


After just three months, the client saw a cost reduction of 400% in the acquisition of new customers and a lift in brand awareness of 40%. Just 11 short months later social reach increased by 1100% and now has over 470,000 followers across all social media channels (up from just 25,000 when mDRG started). 25% of their daily revenue from social channels when it used to account for 0% of daily revenue. The client continues to see exponential growth in engagement, purchasing and a sharp increase in revenue. As as a result of learning more about their customer “Tribes,” the client converted the daily deals site into a social commerce site based around the 7 tribal groups identified by mDRG.

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