Video Game Icon | Building Mobile Strategy & Execution For a Beloved Brand


An Iconic Video Game Brand reached out to mDRG to prepare for their first launch into the mobile and social space. This brand although peaked in the 80’s wanted to reinvent themselves by shifting their business model from big box retail to their first ever mobile offering in less than 3 months. 


mDRG provided research and data analysis of their already built in user base along with creating tribal marketing segmentation profiles to target millennial generation of gamer’s who are actively downloading games. mDRG’s analysis showed the game should launch in a Freemium format with in-app purchases making up the bulk of the revenue from game sales. The stakeholders (management) all agreed and game production began. mDRG then focused on the launch and execution strategy of the marketing campaign, which entailed all marketing segments but focused on social media by using brand ambassadors to their full potential.

The Game company’s first ever mobile game successfully launched in the US in late April. mDRG leveraged relationships at Apple (iTunes store) to get as much exposure as possible for the newly released game. The launch of the mobile game was extremely well received.


Results were staggering to say the least. mDRG was able to get the app featured in the “New and Noteworthy” section of the app store for over a week. In the first two weeks over 100,000 downloads of the game occurred netting over $80,000 in revenue in the first week from in-app purchases. The revenue from the first year of in-app purchases through the game actually helped fill some revenue gaps left by other Big Box Retail games.

Overall the game is still their crown jewel netting more revenue than other mobile game to date.

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