Building Brand | Building and launching a B2B Company’s Online Retail Hub


A B2B company which provides consumer electronics to large retail clients came to mDRG with the desire to build and grow their online presence and a content marketing program. The intention of the program was to increase brand awareness, develop a new revenue stream and to establish the company as a thought leader in the online retailer space without competing with their retail wholesale clients.


mDRG’s approach to online retail and content marketing always begins with the customer. Our strategy team compiled social listening, keyword research, interviews, and industry demographics to create target Tribal Marketing profile of current and future customers (personas) to which we would cater the messaging strategy.

In developing the complete web destination and content framework, mDRG first conducted keyword and competitive research to determine opportunity for the company’s entry into the consumer market place without competing with their big retail wholesale partners. After a pricing analysis of their products in the marketplace was complete, mDRG built out comps for the destination site and a content strategy to launch this brand as authentic as possible by enlisting brand ambassadors and influencers to get behind this well-known international entity.


As a result of the development, mDRG’s launch of the e-commerce destination hub, along with the content marketing strategy, was successful. By enlisting brand ambassadors and influencers social endorsements gave credibility and overnight success to some quick sales. With the quick wins the new online marketing team and mDRG were able to ramp efforts; and in just 6 short months the company was taking in over $200,000 in new revenue, selling online at full retail price which created $2.4 million in incremental revenue annually.

However, the launch and successful execution of the content marketing plans weren’t the only success stories. The target Tribal Personas were adopted company-wide which accounted for 3 other destination hubs to be opened in other non-English speaking countries. The new business helped with expanding the brand into other countries and developed a whole new division in the organization. The e-commerce division now employees 300 around the world.

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