Our Agile Marketing Process

mDRG aspires to be “an agency of influence” for our clients. We are agnostic about tactics and technology. Our goal is to identify best-in-class marketing solutions that fit the needs of our clients. Because we understand that today’s world requires everything to happen at once, we have implemented an agile marketing approach to all of our marketing programs while still keeping an eye on the future.


mDRG’s “inside/out” analysis and capture of client vision, goals and resources. This process is anchored by key stakeholder interviews across our client’s organization and the technologies and partners they work with.


mDRG’s “outside/in” audit of our clients’ existing marketing program and platform. This process utilizes our practice experts’ analysis of channel performance and identifies short-term opportunities for immediate impact and long term issues for ongoing monthly and quarterly discussion. Also included is a gap analysis that benchmarks current program analysis against our clients’ ultimate goal for success.


Our intensive research methodology for uncovering insights about our clients’ target audience. This report is anchored by our 360 degree view of consumer targeted tribal profiles or “marketing archetypes” and begins to answer the question: what is the ideal marketing experience that our target market wants?

Experience Brief

Based on our intake, audit and insights report mDRG recommends an ideal integrated marketing plan that is summarized in the “Experience Brief.” This experience brief provides an integrated strategic theme to our recommended marketing platform and provides sample user experiences for moving customers through the acquisition funnel.


With approval of the experience brief, mDRG moves into tactical mode with the Backlog. This deliverable is a detailed program roadmap and project plan for the overhaul of our clients’ marketing strategy and tactics. At this time, we will also provide more detailed projections for program performance that is revisited and revised on a quarterly basis.

Agile Evolution

With the Program Playbook in place, mDRG continues execution of weekly optimizations, monthly strategic reports and quarterly program evaluations with our clients’ executive team. This means the execution of our agile marketing program is fluid and dynamic enough to change as needed based on the incoming flow of program insights and tactical execution.

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